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Sweet Vanity…

Sitting from afar I used to watch them sing gloriously
An urge to join them haunting me like a ghost in vain
Fear of judgement and making mistakes completely
Kept me far away from the group always on my brain.

However,I finally got my wish wonderfully fulfilled
They warmly welcomed me and friends we became
The good and bad moments got our lives filled
Time ticking away,the end near with me to blame.

I wish I had joined them earlier on when I could
Fear of judgement replaced by inevitable separation
The expiry date comes quickly for what is so good
Hope someday our paths shall cross our destination.

©C I Mayende.

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World War fair…

One rule of friendship is that you have to learn something from one another.It might be positive or negative but you learn something.Hope you have ever heard of the term spiritual war fair.Right.What about “World War Fair?” Regardless of your answer,permit me narrate how I encountered this term “World War Fair.”

“Bob,look as youths we have to have fun some times.There is time for everything.”Ellen,my newly acquired friend lectured me.

She had that kind of life that showed all who studied her that she doesn’t give a damn.One of her favorite sayings were “I do what pleases me.”.Unlike some people,,to be more specific myself who do things always having in mind how would people see them, Ellen was a free girl.

“It’s true we have to enjoy and have fun but there are consequences for whatever ever we do” i retailated.My little experience of around 23 years of life on Earth had taught me that fact.

“You are right.But as youths we have to enjoy world war fair.Regardless.’She said.

“What is world war fair?”

“Seriously? You need explaination?”

“No.I understand it.Just that you used a new phrase to me.So what is your favorite World War Fair?”

“Miming international songs.”She eagerly answered.

That is how I got to know the term “world war fair”.Ellen sent me some of the videos she had recorded herself miming songs.At first my heart froze stone cold.The videos were like a direct message to me yet they were just random mimes to a random friend.The smile so warm and sweet.The voice so angelic and soothing like the mermaid song in the movie Siren.

I had my own “world war fair” activities which included watching football and movies plus reading literature.But as I speak now,watching Ellen’s videos has become part of my world war fair activites.What is your favorite “World War Fair” activity?