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*Self Love*

I taste salt
That should be water
Running through my body.
I sweat.

My tummy is a load of skin.
Mommy said I wasn’t born this way –
It just happened.

Ten mile walks, fifty push ups.
Waist trainers, big dresses;
Everything to hide this skin.

Fat girls don’t slay.

But not today,
I will let it all go.
No straps, no push ups.
Today, I will shine in
My 120 pounds of flesh,
Because it’s mine.

Udokoghi Jones, born two years before the end of the 20th century is a Nigerian poet and a great story teller. some of his works have been published on OkadaBooks and various websites. He also writes for the Elano magazine.
He is a sophomore of the University of Benin, Edo state, Nigeria.

Reach him via:
Ig- @udokoghijones
Facebook- @udokoghiifeanyijones

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Contestant Number 8.

When the right time comes everything will flow freely,am told.Voices deep in my mind in silence question when this time will finally appear.The worst case is that at times the right time seems to have come and one is cock sure that this time round nothing is failing.How I spent sleepless nights preparing for that perfect time though in vain.

In a Youth conference organized by Youth of Divine Destiny Ministries international (YDD),a talent festival was part of the activities to be undertaken.A number of people registered in accordance with their respective talents.The latter consisted of singers,dancers, comedy,skits, models,among others.

Hesitating a bit,I too submitted my name to take part in the festival and I was assigned the number eight.Having tried doing this and failed to actually break through made me feel as though it was not my thing.Friends advised me that perhaps I should persevere for when the right time comes, everything will flow naturally.

Sunday,the D-day when the Talent Festival was to take place arrived.I woke up in high spirits with positivity and occasionally voices of doubt crept in.The conference’s theme helped me strengthen my ground as it was all about a season of preparation.I prepared adequately,and waited for the time to stand before the audience and present.

Whoever is in charge of keeping bad luck perhaps forgot to keep bad luck indoors.At around noon, information coming from the team I moved with to the conference indicated that due to an emergency,we would have to go back early.This meant missing out on the Talent Festival. Perhaps the right time had not yet come,I thought.

I remain hopeful and optimistic,one day it will come to pass.I will not change my dream but change ways to achieve it.After all,there are many ways of killing a rat,I am told.Though all these may disappear making one to get weary and almost give up but we got to hold on as Justin Bieber says for “Heaven is not a place too far away “.

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